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Sherri L.

"I heard about [Health4Life] on the radio and decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did. I'm 40 pounds lighter today after such a short period of time. I feel great and love fitting into my new slim clothes. Just follow the plan and you'll lose tons of weight fast and you'll feel great.

There is Still time to be skinny for summer!"

Sandra F.

"I feel awesome! i really do! my diabetes numbers have gone down. It's a fabulous program! When I cam in my metabolic age was at 85, and now it's at 66 and i feel like I'm 66! actually i feel like I'm even younger than that!


Karen L.

"I have lost a total of 75 lbs. I started as a size 22, i am now a size 12 and quickly moving into a size 10. The largest things I've noticed is learning how to take care of myself, the program has given me the education to know what food is best for me. I felt it was very individualized, the health coaches that were taking care of me were fantastic and really cared about what was best for me. "

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"Love love love this program and the staff! My husband and I did this program together, it's great because it teaches you how to eat and what your weight triggers are. i was satisfied and pleased with my experience! we developed a strong connection with the staff and really felt they were sincere with love and concern for our well-being! "


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Wanda N.

"This is such an amazing program with tremendous results! I've lost nearly 30 pounds and I have never had more energy and i feel great! the staff is extremely attentive to your needs I have been able to maintain my weight and take on new exercise activities.  i am still welcome in the office for check ins even though my journey is complete and i appreciate that it keeps me on the right track!    i highly recommend the health4life weight loss system - i just can't say enough about dr. kit and his staff!!!"